2017 Newsletter

2017 Newsletter

 Wed, Feb 1st 2017

2016 at Mountain Cove Lodge was certainly a year of change.  As most of you are aware a lot of activity was happening at the Lodge.

John started early May to rebuild Cabin #2 which was taken down the prior year,  and since it was rented for June, the push was on to get it completed by then.  This was accomplished within hours of our first guests arriving.  Job well done!

The decision was then made to remove Cabin #3 and once they were able, down it came.  This cabin will be rebuilt this summer, hopefully an early start can happen but of course Mother Nature may have a say in that.

The annual Lake Panache Picnic that is organized by the Lake Panache Campers Association was held once again on the grounds of the Lodge in July.  Everyone that attended had a great time and they will be back again in July 2017.

The Gazebo was mostly completed just in time for the annual pig roast that was enjoyed by the guests that were staying at the lodge.  It will be completed this spring with the addition of screen and lights.

John and Joan decided midsummer to build them a new cottage that faces the lake.  This was started late summer and with just a few touches left, it will be completed for them to move in this Spring.  This will be where the new office will be for those that are arriving at the Lodge.

The cabin that John and Joan were originally staying in will now be available for rent starting in June 2017.

Some of the other improvements this year will be Cabin 6. This cabin will not be available for rent since John is hoping to do some cosmetic improvements on it, and Cabin 7 will now be used for staff.

Hopefully you will get a chance to see these improvements that have been made over the years, John & Joan are very proud of the progress that has been made at the Lodge.

As a gentle reminder, please respect the Check In and Check Out times.  Some guests have arrived early to check in, and we realize that when you are travelling great distances it is hard to judge the time of arrival, but we try to have the cabins perfect for your arrival and allowing us to do the proper cleaning will help us to achieve that.

We are looking forward to your stay with us in 2017.